An Illness of Hypocricy

Colds aren’t cold at all. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be awake at 5, trying to continue breathing and drinking way too much orange juice. Actually, they’re one of the most confusing illnesss on the planet. You make sure to do everything they say to avoid it, and then you get it anyway from god-knows where. If you’ve got one, good luck.



Hell, People

Hell, people, welcome to my blog. Well, my second one. But the other is a LiveJournal, so it doesn’t count. I live in Berkeley, the place that makes all the “mutant” atoms, across the bay from San Fransisco. Grimness shall follow this post, so if you’re a Chrissie Prissie, leave now. If you are my goodreads friend (Ice Queen Wanderer {Ari Delta} is me.), comment! I love reading the weirdness on my friend’s blog’s even when I only know them online. If this is weird, fine, but so am I. I am Ari. I am strange. So is everyone else worth talking to.