AA Update

So I’ve been working alon Ashes, Ashes a lot lately, due to extra time etc., so I just wanted to say I’m starting Chapter IV. (There was also the prologue.) This might take a while, as it’s even more of a difficult chapter than III, and that was hard. So that’ll be a while. After that, it’ll be a few more chapters and i’ll be around page XXV, and about done with this chain of events. Anyway, I’ve been thinking , and my working title for book 3 just doesn’t seem to cut it. So Red Fruit, Red Flower, though the symmetry with book 1 is nice, may become Pomagranates. I haven’t decided. I’ll probably be putting up a poll around the middle of We All Fall Down, which is a bit before when the most brilliant Cheyla will probably be making the cover. Ciao for now.


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