AA Update

So I’ve been working alon Ashes, Ashes a lot lately, due to extra time etc., so I just wanted to say I’m starting Chapter IV. (There was also the prologue.) This might take a while, as it’s even more of a difficult chapter than III, and that was hard. So that’ll be a while. After that, it’ll be a few more chapters and i’ll be around page XXV, and about done with this chain of events. Anyway, I’ve been thinking , and my working title for book 3 just doesn’t seem to cut it. So Red Fruit, Red Flower, though the symmetry with book 1 is nice, may become Pomagranates. I haven’t decided. I’ll probably be putting up a poll around the middle of We All Fall Down, which is a bit before when the most brilliant Cheyla will probably be making the cover. Ciao for now.



I need an aardvark. Also, aneaters. Yay!

But seriously, I need some sort of exotic, fuzzy teddy bear right now. Also, a hug.

A Breif Rant On Bitch Mode

We all know bitch mode.
That point where shit just pisses you off so fucking much, you can’t deal the way you normally would. You transition to Bitch Mode, which, if done once in a while, really just makes everything better. This is very different from a Bitch Phase, unfourtunatly.
As you may have guessed, one of my friends has fallen prey to the great Bitch Phase. A lot of us have this once in our life. Than we get over it and laugh. But there is one girl. Who will not leave Bitch Phase.
She isn’t normally a Bitch. No. This all started when beloved Jay started reading Naruto.
Annie had loved Naruto before. That is so totally not the fucking issue. Once Jay started Naruto, however, Annie had someone to talk to about it.
Due to the seiries’s weekly update, there is always more Naruto. And that’s fine. I like Naruto. Actually, when Homestuck and book shit etc. is over, I plan on marathoning to the end. But this is not mere love. This is obsession.
When Annie dearest was able to talk about Naruto, all the things she had to say flooded out. And she had a lot to say. The bad part is, she was so into the universe, she no longer cared about anything else. And nothing we said mattered anymore, because it wasn’t Naruto.
Annie entered Bitch Phase. She distanced herself from us when we talked about other things. Soon, she was compleatly ignoring me, even when I gave her grapes. (Annie loves grapes. I do not.) (Note: As of now, I’m only 1/6 into Naruto. So behind. Such a loser.) The almighty Bitch Phase has lasted… 7 months? I don’t even know anymore. Lately, she’s begun to dissappear. Mai new moirail, miss Red King, is in some ways my surrogate Annie. (At least, she was in the beginning.) Thus, Bitch Phase.
Not over yet. Since Annie’s been in Bitch Phase for so long, it’s starting to spread. If this continues, Jay’s Bitch Mode will set off, which in turn, will ignite Kirika Mode in me. Also, some Bitch Mode. Then it’ll get nasty. I don’t want to think about it. Disaster approches. I can’t say how soon, but for reference, Jay had a party back in October. She metioned to our pet Bitch Annie (invited as well) that I would be in attendence. Annie sniffed her nose at this. When asked by Jay what the matter was, she rwplied along the lines of: Oh, nothing, I just don’t know her very well.
Bullshit. We used to be close friends. I’d drive her to her house on days she had to walk. And now, you see why Bitch Mosde is great, but Bitch Phase is a terrible fucking thing.

News Things

Earlier secret doing better. Editing my friend’s manuscript, to be published soon. Working heavily on Ashes, Ashes. It’ll take quite a bit more time, but expect a novel by 2015. Itza Lune will be scanned soon, and published by my local library. More to come.

Forced Silence

I have a secret. This is a secret I can almost never tell. It is a little secret, in compairison to other in history, but it is one of the three biggest that I have. In theory, I could tell someone. The problem is, there’s no one I know who I can trust, and who I know wouldn’t judge me. I need someone to confide in. In other words, I need a friend.


This is stupid. No one has ever read this fucking thing besides me. I never update, and I’m just one of millions of goddamn idiots who think were all so unique when we’re just a bunch of motherfucking depressed clones. This shit sucks. If you exist, non-existant person, please forget me. I’m just another mindless sheep in a herd of many. Just worthless. We don’t deserve joy.