When I die…

When I die….



Updates, Truths, and Shit Like That

Hey, sick again, Day Two. Not much has happened. Joined Twitter, which is fun, writing fics on AO3 with Jay-la, and othwise having a normal, menial life. No updates on the gecko, or Itza Lune. Pages still missing. Although I donhave one grain of wisdom, as posted by Shini-tan: “Sleep deprivation is a pre-requisite for internet fame.” And I plan on having it. Later.


Copper Gecko Noodles

I am a Berkeley person. Yes, the town with all the weird mutant atoms near San Fransisco. Anyway, near the central library, there’s some thai restruant called Gecko Gecko with this 4?5? foot copper? bronze? gecko “climbing” the wall. But the thing is it really moves. Incredibly slowly. Not just me either. My friend Raina and some others know about it too. Not sure if the restruant had it made or it named the restuant, but that thing is creepy. Come back for updates.


Who Wants Cherry Balls?

So, on other sites I hhave previously mentioned my weakness for cherry balls, which aren’t really a cookie, but that’s the best desription I can give. It is only matched by gooey butter cake. When it comes to that, I’ll sell my soul-but only for the good stuff. St. Louis bakers know how to rip a girl off when it comes to gooey butter. Post to be continued, I have to find the reicipe.